SAIBABA - About Sai Baba of Shirdi

About Sai Baba of Shirdi
Saibaba of shirdi was born with a divine soul and later on people greeted Sai Baba with the name of Guru, Fakir. The devotees of him include both Hindu and Muslim, every community claimed that Sai Baba belongs to them but nothing has proved.

His real name was unknown, even nobody knows about the birth and birth place of Baba but as per disciple Das Ganu, after doing little bit of research he said Saibaba grew up in Pathri (is a city in Prabhani district in Indian state of Maharashtra) with one fakir and his wife later on at the age of 5 fakir’s wife put Saibaba in care of saintly name Desmukh Venkusha, where Baba lived for several years.

He came to Shirdi (small town in west-India in Maharashtra) when he was 16 year old and used to sit under the tree and meditate whole day. There were some religious person who used to visit Saibaba daily namely Mahalsapati, Appa Jogle and kashinatha but Sai Baba that time stayed for three years and then was disappeared and came again in Shirdi for permantely in 1858.There after he lived in Shirdi only.

The name “Sai” to Baba was given by the people live in Shirdi. The word “Sai” itself mean in Sanskrit “Sakshat Ishwar” and “Divine Soul”. Mahalsapati, who was the temple priest has recognized Saibaba as a Muslim saint and greeted the word ‘Ya Sai!’ which mean “Welcome Sai”. Baba used to sit under the neem tree. He lived under the tree for four to five years and then went to one old mosque where they lived a very solitary life.

In that mosque Saibaba maintained a sacred fire which later on known as Dhuni and the ashes of that fire is known as Bhabuti which used to give to the devotee who come to Baba and that Bhabuti work as a healing power to all the devotees.

After 1910 Sai Baba fame started spreading to Mumbai and the first temple was built at Bhivpuri, Karjat.  Hemadpant who is one of the devotees wrote the book name “Shri Sai Satcharitra”. This is a very well known book.

In India Saibaba was very popular saint but was worshipped by the people all over the world later on. He always used to say two words “Sabka Malik Ek” which mean every person on this earth is having only one god & “Allah Malik” which mean god is the king of all.

They always taught only few things: internal peace, forgiveness, helps other, believe in god. Sai Baba always ask his devotee to keep two things “Shradha” (faith, have trust) and “Saburi” (patience).