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Philosophy or Teachings
Sai baba of shirdi was the great saint, who was also known as Guru, Fakir. He always works for the betterment of his devotees and want to bring confidence among his devotees who were looking for the salvation. He always tries to aware people about the divine power. People are blessed who are following sai baba teachings.

The two main principles which sai baba taught are “Shraddha” and “Saburi”. Baba always wants that all his devotees do understand these principles and follow the same. Following are the teachings and philosophies of sai baba of shirdi:

‘Shraddha’ means faith with love and reverence. Baba always taught his devotees to have shraddha with love on god. He said shraddha is a gateway to remove all the sorrow and to solve all the problems. Baba explain this by reiterated the guidance of shri Krishna to arjun in which shri Krishna said to arjun “whosoever  will offer me a leaf, a flower, a fruit or water with love or devotion, that love is readily accepted by me”.

Saburi means patience. Baba asked all his devotees to have patience in every situations, he said saburi is the key to all the success and is the only way one can reach to the goal of his life.

Baba said it doesn’t mean purity of body but it is the purity of the soul i.e. inner purity he says no matter people make their physical appearance clean and pure but if there mind and  heart is not pure nothing is going to serve them, so baba always asked his devotee to keep their heart, mind clean and pure .

Baba taught to be humble with everybody who comes to you than it can be a human being or animal and also ask devotee to “Never turn anybody from the door who comes to you”.

Complete surrender to the Guru
Guru is one who gives guideline in order to live life with peace and reached the path of devotions and reaches the goal of life. Baba said “this body is my house. I am not here. My Guru has taken me away”.

Sai Baba’s teaching through ‘Udi’ and ‘Dakshina’

Udi was produce from the fire which was lit by sai baba in dwarkamai at shirdi which later on known as “dhuni”. With the help of udi baba tried to explain that like udi everything is going to pass away once, and ask the devotees to understand the difference between the real and unreal.

By demanding ‘dakshina’ baba tries to explain the sense of non-attachment or vairagya.