Best Collection of Sai Baba Bhajans and Songs on Youtube

Sai baba of shirdi is one of the great Hindu spiritual gurus, who have number of devotees from across the world. Millions of devotees pray to sai baba for his blessing. Two philosophies of sai baba ‘Shradha’ and ‘saburi’ this two words taught many of the devotees about the guideline of life and the way to reach the goal of the life.

Bhajans are the most popular form of worship in India.  There are many bhajans, songs, prayer that are sung in praise of sai baba. Songs and bhajan is the best melodious way to feel closer to someone and in the same way through lyrics one can express the feelings for divine soul in words.

Audio-visual media played a very important role in order to popular such bhajans on sai baba. In the year 1977 a movie came on sai baba “shirdi ke sai baba”. The movies have some great religious song such as “sainath tere hazarao hath”, “sai baba bolo dagmag jag yeh dole”, “Sumar manva” and many others. The song ‘shirdi wale sai baba aya ai tere darpe savari’ is also one of the very famous songs of Sai Baba from the movie Amar Akbar Anthony.

Slowly and steadily after movies one T.V serial also started relating to sai baba life. In which there were different sai baba bhajans in order to attract the devotees of the sai baba.  The sai baba serial was produced by the veteran Ramanand Sagar.

There are other bhajan such as Aali Prasadachi Wat, Akra vachan, Ananta Tula Re, Aarti saibaba, Ata Swami, Ghoshna, Gurubrahma Guruvishnu, hari Om, Jai Jai Sainath, Kadhi na Ruso, Lopaley, Ovaloo  Aarati, sada Satswarupam, Sai Digambara, tuj Kay magu. One of the latest songs in Punjabi “Sai vi sadi fariyan tere tayi” is also a very popular song.

In song the man is asking sai baba not to leave him in any situation, not to leave him walking alone during the difficult way of life, there are also many other bhajans of sai baba which directly touches the heart, sometime this bhajan only help us to connect with the divine soul. Today there are tremendous collection of bhajans and songs of sai baba which any of the devotees across the world can listen.

Pahi Paahi Sai Song:

Shankar Sahney:

Shirdi Wale Sai Baba Song from Amar Akbar Anthony:

Sai Tu Hi Tu:

Mere Ghar Ke Aage Sai Nath: