Dixit Wada Shirdi Museum Photos and History

Shirdi Museum
Saibaba was a great saint, he dedicate his whole life for the betterment of human being. In the memory of baba Museum was built. It is a place where all the things which are associated with Sai Baba are kept under the maintenance of “Saibaba sansthan of shirdi”. This sansthan is the governing and administrative body of Sai Samadhi temple and other temple premises, maintenance of museum, and other activity related to museum is done by this Sansthan only.

Museum is having all the important belongings of Sai Baba. From all over the world, the devotee who comes to Shirdi visits this museum as in the museum they were able to see the things which was used by GodSai. It is a part of Dwarkamai. After entering into the museum one feel the presence of SaiBaba.

Following are the belongings of Sai-Baba which were kept in museum:
  • It has saibaba’s padukas or can say footwear, which are revered by devotees
  • There are some coins which sai baba gave to Malsapati, the priest of khandoba were also kept.
  • Two utensils that were used by baba to feed people were kept. Out of these two utensils, one utensil is big which is used to cook food for 100 people and the small one is used to cook food for 50 peoples in village.
  • Grinding Mill which was used by baba is also kept. It has its own importance as it symbolic the deep-seated philosophy of saibaba. It states the concept of ‘Dharma’ and ‘Bhakti’ which come together for the ultimate salvation. The upper stone explain about bhakti and the lower one explain and represent about dharma. Here the grinding mil explains that if one is having faith on Dharma and bhakti he can achieve the state of Supreme Being.
  • The chair that was used by the great saint Sai regularly is also kept in museum.
  • The cotton which sai-baba took the bath after his demise is also there.
  • The pot in which baba used to store water is also there and also with full of water
  • The original chimta is also preserved carefully which Sai used while dinging.
  • Articles which saint used are kept in Samadhi temple
  • An earthen ware in which baba used to beg and feed the animals and birds
Dixit Wada Shirdi Museum Photos