Stories of Sai Baba Shirdi Miracles

Sai baba of shirdi was a great guru, fakir. He dedicates his whole life for the betterment for the devotees. Baba always used to say “My leela is inscrutable”. There were plenty of miracles of sai baba; out of all here are some of few miracles:

Sai Baba’s Miracles

Lighting Lamps with water
This is the miracle of sai baba when he used to live in the masjid in shirdi, where baba used to lit earthenware lamp in the masjid and other temple and for lighting sai baba needed oil, which baba used to brought from the grocers in shirdi but later on that grocer was tired of giving oil free to sai baba so he said no and baba return to masjid without saying anything to that grocer and baba lit the lamp by pouring water into the lamp and the lamp burnt into the midnight.

Premonition of Burning fields
Once when Sai Baba was in Shirdi and all the food grain after harvesting was stored in yard. That time the summer was brutal. One day in noon sai baba called kondaji sutar and asked him to rush to his field as the field was in fire. Kondaji was shocked and ran to the field but when he reached to the field. He didn’t find any fire so he returned to sai baba. Baba asked him to look it again and by luck he saw that a part of corn was indeed a fire and smoke was at it beginning to billow from it, so he asked sai baba to help him and baba sprinkled some water and fire got extinguished.

Stooping the Rain
One day when one of the devotees name Rao Badhur Moreshwar Pradhan’s wife came to have sai baba darshan, when there were about to leave heavy rain started and seeing them in trouble sai baba pray to god to calm down and rain after some time was calm down and couple were able to reach to their destination without any trouble.

Raising the water level in well
During the early stage of sai baba to shirdi there were no basic facilities so for the villager it became difficult to fetch water as there was one well but that well was just for the name. when on Ramnavmi, the villager were celebrating the sai baba birthday on that day sai baba showered some leave into the well and raise the level of water into the well.